Asparagus omelette with bacon and chives

You will need:

Leftover cooked asparagus (~1/4 cup)

3 eggs (Blue Gentian, Bar 5, Sleeping Cat, or other MPLS Farmers Market vendor)

3 strips Blue Gentian bacon

Green onions or onion chives (~3, diced)

havarti cheese (Sunny Road/ Morning Star Farms)

Cook the bacon over medium heat in a large frying pan. Pour out the grease and wipe the pan clean. Pour ~1 tsp of the bacon fat back into the pan and heat until fluid. Whisk 3 eggs together and add chopped cooked asparagus. Pour into the pan. Add onions/chives and bacon, chopped and sliced havarti cheese. When the omelette is cooked through, fold in half and serve.


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