Clearing a path


My own mother calling me a thief.

Of course, though not guilty of stealing anything (I won’t even sneak a grape at the grocery store until I’ve paid), I am not entirely innocent either. In fact, one could go so far as to say that I invited an accusation.

And she didn’t really call me a thief, at least not in those five exact letters.

Let me explain. Continue reading Clearing a path

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Holiday Chicken Roulade

Chicken roulade stuffed with root vegetables, kale, and roasted red pepper

I am preparing to teach a cooking class on Wednesday. The topic is healthy recipes for the holidays. I always struggle with the “healthy” cooking classes, because everyone has a different opinion about what is healthy and what is not. Continue reading Holiday Chicken Roulade

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Holiday Dinner Sketch

Walnut encrusted salmon with braised tamarind brussels sprouts and dill-jasmine rice

I love tamarind. I mean I LOVE it, and perhaps I would marry it if we didn’t live in a cruel world where we simply can’t go around marrying those things which we love. Continue reading Holiday Dinner Sketch

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