Asparagus with butter-tea infusion

I love a rainy day at the farmer’s market, and here’s why:

The contrast of color is amazing. Red, purple, blue and yellow flowers protrude out of the dull gray skies, with soft petals that look as though they were carved out of butter.

The sound of rain smacking into puddles is relaxing.

The produce stays perky all morning, and due to slower traffic, the good stuff is still available so when I am done with work and ready to shop.

Their is plenty of time to exchange stories with the vendors. For example:


And it got me thinking. Why don’t I ever cook with tea? Mrs. Kelly has lots of award winning tea’s available at the market, and all of them seem like they would contribute a really unique flavor well suited for…well I don’t know, asparagus maybe? Here is Mr. Kelly talking about one of their latest creations:

Feeling inspired, I swung by the table of Produce Acres Cold Springs Farm to visit “the asparagus guy”. I bought a pound of asparagus. Then, after some discussion with the Mr. Kelly, I decided to flavor the asparagus with green jasmine tea. First, I melted some butter (~1/2 stick) over low heat, and poured in 2 tsp green jasmine tea. It seemed like the tea trapped the milk solids (or something) because when I went to strain the mixture, only liquid poured through. This is a good thing, because the milk solids in butter is what causes butter to sometimes burn. Essentially, what is in the bottom of this measuring cup is jasmine green tea infused ghee (clarified butter). After a quick sautee of the asparagus with 2 cloves of garlic, a little salt, and this delicious butter concoction, I poured about 2 tsp water into the pan and covered with a lid to steam for 2 min. The end result was quite tasty!

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